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Serenity and Being Undisturbed February 29, 2012

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Today I was reading an article from the “Grapevine” that talked about emotional sobriety.  One of the greatest gifts that I have received is the gift of emotional balance.  The majority of the time I am “undisturbed” by what’s going on around me and by my inner dialogue.  I have let go of many attachments to how things “should” be, or how I “want” them to be.  I try to foster an awareness of what is happening, not what I think should be happening.  This type of thinking and awareness creates equanimity and balance with my spirit.  When I am challenged by my internal dialogue, which usually manifests in feelings of fear; I ask myself – is what I’m thinking, feeling, afraid of, true, based on my own experience?   If I don’t know the answer, then I investigate further.  I also choose where I want to put my emotional energy each day.  Do I want to entertain negative self-talk and get wrapped up in stories, or do I want to put my energy into what is happening right now, without commentary.  Awareness and mindfulness of what is going on internally doesn’t mean that I ignore unpleasant thoughts or feelings…it means that I notice them and am aware of them…but I don’t give them the energy to blow up.  Life is too short to spend time wrapped up in negativity.  I want to live in the solution.  That is the gift of emotional sobriety.


Ruminations and Cogitations February 28, 2012

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1  : to go over in the mind; repeatedly and often casually or slowly
2  : to chew repeatedly for an extended period
1  : to ponder or meditate on; usually intently
2  : to meditate deeply or intently
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